thirsty cobra given a drink by local villagers

cobra drinks directly from a man’s water bottle

Southern parts of India are experiencing drought, causing animals to venture into new areas looking for water. When a giant cobra wandered into a village, instead of being met by fear, it found a kind man who shared his bottle of water with the thirsty man wants to cut off his perfectly healthy leg

Nick O’Hallaron has gone to extreme lengths to become an amputee. The 29-year-old from Scotland suffers from body integrity identity disorder, a neurological condition in which the brain doesn’t recognize an aspect of the body. To cope, Nick pretends to be an amputee, binding his leg and using crutches, while he waits for doctors to find a cure for his rare protesters rip up Quran over school policy

A school board meeting in Ontario was besieged by protesters, angry over a policy allowing Muslim students time and space to pray on Fridays. The policy, however, isn’t a new one and has reportedly been in place for 20 this art? Man using his butt to hatch chicken eggs

Artist Abraham Poincheval is spending up to a month sitting on a dozen chicken eggs in a Paris museum. The performance artist hopes to become the first human hen, and has performed several other bizarre stunts, including living inside a rock for a week, and eating bugs inside a stuffed are now gluing bows to their kids’ heads

Girlie Glue is an all-natural accessory glue created for sticking bows on babies’ heads without the need for clips or hair ties. The company behind the trendy product, Babydeas, states, “It’s never too early to be says he can’t make a mistake, then instantly makes a mistake

At a meeting with the Fraternal Order of Police, President Trump made a hilarious gaffe when he introduced a union official by the wrong name, mere seconds after remarking, “We don’t make book nerds fell into a pool, and looked amazing doing it

Brett Stanley is an Australian-born artist who specializes in underwater photography. In his latest project, he photographed models who do cosplay, the popular art form in which fans dress up as their favorite characters from science fiction and fantasy. Stanley now divides his time between New Zealand and Los virtual reality simulates assisted suicide

“Last Moments” is a virtual reality video that simulates one’s final minutes before committing assisted suicide. London-based filmmaker Avril Furness was inspired to create the video after visiting Dignitas, an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, in the hope of demystifying the cyborg animals will destroy us all … with Campana is known worldwide as “Dr. Dolittle.” He doesn’t talk to the animals, but this certified orthotist does provide prosthetic limbs for dogs, horses, and even an elephant in Thailand that lost its leg to a land mine explosion. Campana, founder of Bionic Pets, LLC, operates out of Sterling, 16-year-old karate kid just broke 111 slabs of concrete with his head

Kerim Ahmetspahic, a teenage taekwondo champ, smashed 111 blocks of concrete with his head at a competition in Bosnia. The stunt earned the 16-year-old a spot in Guinness World Records.